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The path for our lives can be confusing.

Where is it leading?

Is this where we truly want to be?

Or where we are meant to be?


How can we capture in mere human language

what is beyond human logic?

Or what we glimpse in a momentary reflection?

Or memories of dreams that fade in the light of day?


What drives our lives. and the desire to move mountains,

is not based on human logic.  There is no accounting

for love of beauty, for desire to give without reward,

for love of another without return, or the hunger for ultimate truth.


If your are fortunate, you will find in life

that the contrast between right and wrong, and between good and evil,

is real, sharp, and absolute.

Yet it eludes the brightest scholars of our day.

So, we can’t expect to find the answers to life’s ultimate questions

by our own intellect.

A gift

Just for a moment let us suspend this world’s mean scepticism,
and take delight in what we have been given.

Let us assume that good and evil are absolute realities,
and our lives are created for a purpose;

That our creator has given us all we need to know,
and is actively involved in our lives.

I hope you will discover that makes perfect sense of our world,
and fills you with hope and the deepest joy.

Why so long?

We may search for a very long time, only to find all we needed was beside us all along.

Where and How?

To find the truth, we must put aside the noise of this world, and learn to listen in the silence.

Do You Still Dream?

In his song, Chris Rea asks:

“Do you still see that tunnel showing signs of light?

(hear the song)


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